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The Health Care Protesters and the Town Hall Meetings

by Todd Andrew Barnett The highly-publicized behavior of many of the town hall protesters, who object to Obama’s “health care reform” (it’s not a reform, but a government boondoggled engineered to convert the already-socialized health care system to a carbon copy apparatus of Massachusetts’ “single-payer health care” system), should be viewed with disdain, simply because […]

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A Free Keene Blogger Posts An Open Letter to Sam Dodson’s Arresting Officer

by Todd Andrew Barnett Meg McLain,‘s new blogger and a new, aspiring filmmaker, pens an outstanding open letter to Keene Police Department Lt. Peter Thomas, who arrested Sam Dodson on the charge of driving a vehicle with a suspended license moments after Dodson’s July 31 appearance at the Keene District Court. Here’s the letter […]

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My Debate With A Socialist (Argument #4)

After reading his articles that he suggest I read so that I may better understand his position, I had a few more choice topics worth debating about on hand, the basic topics from his articles that I found worth clarifying was 1) The myth that Capitalists want government intervention in the economy. 2) The Difference […]

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