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America Road To Hell

by James Cox From the day he took office, Obama and his puppet masters have been building a shadow Government with all power vested in them. The Czars he has appointed, who were not vetted and approved by Congress nor elected, now have the authority to control every aspect of American commerce. I challenge you […]

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How I Became an Anarchist

by Brianna Peil I recently discovered that I am an anarchist. I never thought about it much until sometime in the last several months. I do not really know with precision the moment in time when I felt suspicious of government, but to me it seems that it was always there. After reading George Orwell’s […]

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Let’s Talk Live! Host James Cox, Interviews POKER FACE!

by James Cox Movement Radio Let’s Talk Live! Host James Cox, Interviews POKER FACE! Monday October 26, 2009 at 9PM EST I will be discussing the bands politics and their new album Peace or War Poker Face has been dubbed the leading truth/freedom band in the Union. Through the use of various multi-media sources, […]

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Division & Uprising

*Language Warning* [ad#ad3] Just a straight up vlog – things are getting crazy. Time to cut the crap & be responsible for yourself. Be the change you want to see. Links: APF Mercenaries takeover Hardin MT… Martial Law Is Their Business and Business Sure Is Swell… Get ready for LRAD’s… Police Buy Military-Style […]

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by Renea McMasters- Branson, Missouri An overview of H.R. 45  : Blair Holts Firearm Act: An overview of District of Columbia V. Heller: Knowledge is infinite. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the truth and the power to overcome obstacles. As I look around me everyday I see fear. I see fear expressed on […]

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

by Jessica Pacholski I was recently told that I’m not a “real” anarchist by several people who call themselves anarcho or libertarian socialists. Most people like to think of themselves as being reasonable and logical, rarely is this the case. A side effect of this is that once they have an idea they are usually […]

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