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A Knights Dilemma

When I was growing up, I loved the stories about the knight in shining armor – riding in like the wrath of God, descending upon the villains, and laying them to rest. It was not about saving a damsel in distress either, though that was usually a perk to most of the stories.  The true […]

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children going into the grinder, just what our public schools do to them!

Public Schools Suck (period, end of story)!

Public schools are not what they seem. They are not institutions of learning, they are factories to churn out good, obedient citizens. Children are not taught to think, to reason, to analyze, only to memorize and obey. Teachers who hate their jobs blame the children or their parents. They do not realize that the system […]

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Who is exploiting whom?

Imagine an artisan widget maker.  The widget maker makes one widget per day and sells it for $10. Now imagine an investor/inventor/developer who creates a machine that makes widgets.  He spends his time and money to build this machine and wishes to have an expert run the machine to monitor quality control and ensure the […]

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Peace Heart

Strategic Capability of Peaceful Humans

by Iloilo Jones    Dear Friends on our Freedom Front, We are having such beautiful successes all over Earth, as governments by force topple one after the other.  It is a good game of freedom dominoes, is it not?  We have such a brilliant opportunity for Global Coordination through the internet.  I hope more of […]

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The Borg

Egalitarianism, are you really for equality?

Merriam-Webster defines Egalitarianism as follows:   1: a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs 2: a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people] Everyone is brought into this world as individuals. We share genetic patterns passed down from each of our parents, however not exactly the same […]

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The OathKeepers Dilemma – Government Betrayal

By David P Shirk Less than two days ago the founder of OathKeepers Steward Rhodes issued a statement in reference to the nation’s economy – that it was sinking, and that people need to be prepared for the fallout. The statement encouraged veterans to stand by their constitutional oaths and maintain it at all costs. […]

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Words of Prey

Chris Freeman – Free World Columnist Peace Freedom & Prosperity Movement I have been noticing an interesting phenomenon take place around me for some time now. This weird diluted language that is being used amongst the people of today. Perhaps the words have always been around, but my senses are keen to them this night. […]

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