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The Financial Collapse and Martial Law

To many of us, the idea of a financial collapse is imminent – it’s only a question of when. Back in 2008, this possibility already existed with such a high probability that congress started introducing a myriad of bills which would allow them to take whatever action was needed to protect their infrastructure. It is […]

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Bernanke Blunders as Congress Haggles

After watching Bernanke’s testimony this weekend to the various oversight boards, it become even more clear that the economies fate is sealed. For starters, Bernanke made it abundantly clear to everyone on the board that would listen, that to not raise the debt ceiling would be irresponsible. He emphasized that if the debt ceiling was […]

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A Christian woman is martyred in this re-enactment of the myth of Dirce.

Toward Defining Government

INTRODUCTION One of my favorite questions to ask those adamant about calling government “God’s Authority” is “What defines legitimate government?” It’s when I ask that question that I receive so many different answers it almost sends a Chris Matthews’ shiver up my leg. I cannot tell you how many people’s worlds I have rocked by […]

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Tower of Babel

God Hates Government And So Should You! Part 1

(Re-posted from here.) My thesis is that human government, by and large as described in the Bible, has been shown to be a consistent failure in terms of producing what is espouses to produce – a productive, healthy and moral people. In connection with this thesis, I will demonstrate the difference between God’s form of […]

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