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statism is slavery

Statism Is Slavery Once, the world was infested with chain slavery,… a despicable, inhumane system that gave one man/woman claim over the life of another. Although this wretched excuse at civility was only just rejected within the last few centuries (within most regions), a different type of slavery remains,… Political Slavery. In politics, one person, or groups […]

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Stuck in Repeat

First of all, if you’re a liberal or socialist, disregard this as I have no time to address such things at the moment in regards to this analysis – we disagree, I get it. To the rest of you, pay attention…please. The sun is setting on the empire, and it does not bode well for […]

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Lemonade Liberation Day

On August 20 2011, Liberty activists from several regions will meet on the West lawn of the nation’s capitol in Washington DC from 12pm to 3pm to sell lemonade. The simple childhood act of setting up a lemonade stand is no longer safe from the reaches of our overbearing monolithic government. The state does not […]

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Ecomomic Suicide: Why Easy Money Ends Up Being Worthless Money

Whoever would have thought in the 1980’s that a free market capitalist and a KGB agent would have arrived at the same conclusion being from opposite views and backgrounds? When I was pinging emails back and forth with Igor Panarin, I was attempting to find out more details on how he predicted the collapse of […]

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