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The Futility of Occupy X

One can hardly go long without hearing about the Occupy X (x being whatever city the protestors are occupying at any given time) protests breaking out nationwide. It is a new phenomena to me as I was not around in the 70’s to witness similar movements in those days. One thing I do know from […]

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The Plight of Mariestown

When people cannot for some reason govern themselves – they turn to a small group of people to do it for them. They lack the belief in their own abilities to fix something, so they turn to an outside force to level the playing field. The irony here is that the playing field itself was […]

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Objections To The Freedom Movement

Anarchist Artist Victor Pross takes on a few common objections to the idea of a stateless society, philosophical anarchism. Those objections remain the same, forever spinning out on a hamster wheel, repeatedly and persistently: “What about the roads? What about the poor? What about violent crimes? What about theft?” Listen to this video for a […]

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War based economy

War based economy

My good friend, and fellow Hoosier, Debbie Harbeson wrote a great post on her blog, The Suburban Voluntaryist, this past week and I wanted to share it and share some thoughts about this particular topic. Her piece, entitled It’s Sick to Depend on War for Economic Health, discusses the scramble, by Indiana and other states, […]

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