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The Epic Joke of Civilization

The price of a society being created seems to be the complacency of its members. The larger the society and the more ‘civilized’ it grows, the more complacent the majority of that society may become. It is much the same way for a movement trying to further an ideal. Every individual out there has their […]

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A Barebones Recipe for Change

To watch politics in America in a state of apathetic disconnection is really the only way to go. It is an amusing show, if it weren’t disheartening on so many levels. See, it is not that I am purely apathetic to the silly game. To the contrary, I am quite concerned with the dictates handed […]

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Recording Governmental Officers

“Recording governmental officers engaged in public duties is a form of speech through which private individuals may gather and disseminate information of public concern, including the conduct of law enforcement officers.” The link at the bottom of this post includes the official letter U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division JMS:TDM:RJO DJ 207-35-10 Special Litigation Section – […]

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