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Shotgun Wedding

It was an odd relationship – growing up with her I mean. I was a teen and she was far older than me. As I grew I would learn more and more about her from various sources – and our lives inevitably became intertwined. In my later teenage years I grew closer to her – […]

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QE3 And The New Egan-Jones Downgrade to AA-

Back before QE2 was announced I predicted that not only would QE2 go through, but that it would be followed by many more rounds of ‘help from uncle Ben’. In many previous articles I also wrote how damaging QE2 would be – in increasing of debt, higher prices, and a continuation of market instability. All […]

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The Trouble in Libya

Not too long ago in Libya the country was in major turmoil (more than usual I mean). There was a massive stand against the dictator Gadhafi . A quick recap – we put him there. Anyway, the public turned against him and things eventually got violent. On the request of the UN, the POTUS decided […]

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