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Anarchism Without Hyphens Revisited

What unprecedented times we’re living in, and how ripe they are for freedom!  As leviathan states worldwide continue to oppress “their” peoples, defiance of the state becomes more widespread.  In the U.S., I have never seen such rampant dissatisfaction with the cosmetic changes that occur every couple of years; the changing of figure heads and […]

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This I Believe

Proper order is spontaneous, imposed order never works. Proper law is discovered, not legislated. Property is a natural drive for all living things. Markets are emergent phenomena. Leaders are not rulers and rulers are never leaders. Education and schooling are two very different things.  Governments only provide schooling and never education. Cooperative and collective are not […]

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Honor – The Heart of Freedom

By David P Shirk Honor – honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. Though there are other definitions of the word, I will be using this as the focus. As it is, honor is a quality of character that serves any people who wish to gain and hold their freedoms. To me, honor […]

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When Government Fails

If you’re like me then you know that before long, the government will kill itself off. By breaking its economic means, it will methodically lose the rest and simply become insolvent. I know most people who read this will disagree and that’s okay. Yet what if you’re wrong? What if the government were to go […]

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The Election of Hot Air

By David P Shirk Well elections are finally over. Some people are breathing sighs of relief thinking that because the republicans control the house again that everything will get better. I find this sigh of relief to be the last bit air breathed out of your lungs before being flung into the Hudson with concrete […]

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