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#MuslimBan Muslim Ban

Larken Rose wrote: “So a bunch of people who were coming to the U.S., openly and “legally,” are being detained, thanks to Fuhrer Trump’s “Executive Order” which “temporarily” bans Muslims coming in. If anyone pretends to be pro-freedom while cheering for that, you’re just an idiot. 1) It is a violation of religious freedom (a […]

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Open Letter to Donald Trump

The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on Dear Donald Trump, I am writing in regard to some of the criticisms against you being offered up by the Republican oligarchy. I’d like to begin with the demands to […]

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Israel War Crimes

Israel IS a TERRORIST State & Is Practicing In Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing

  The bottom line is that if you support the current Israeli incursion into Gaza, then you are someone who supports ethnic cleansing To support the state of Israel in this so called “war” is to support this: There simply are no words to describe the unprecedented slaughter and level brutality being aimed at […]

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Why Edward Snowden Is A Hero!

Edward Snowden Is A Hero!

In this video I explain why Edward Snowden is a hero. Edward Snowden has given up his life and put it on the line to let all of us know what the “government” is doing. It is not okay for the “government” or anyone to be looking through our emails, listening to our phone calls […]

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Liberty Web Alliance Site Outages

   As many people are aware, this website originates where many other liberty-oriented websites originate, from within the Liberty Web Alliance.  Rather than reading a restating of what our friends at Cop Block had to say, please see their post on the subject. If you are interested in helping the LWA upgrade to stop this situation and […]

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