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#Occupy Tampa Oct 22 2011

Last night approximately 40 slept on the sidewalk at Cutis Hixon Park, Ashley St. Tampa, Florida in solidarity with all the other occupations, such as #occupywallst, #occupychicago, #occupyboston. The people at #occupytampa are starting to peacefully assemble to assert their right to free speech. More and more people are waking up to the fact that […]

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Occupy Wall Street: Help From Your Home (ChipIn and More)

Recently, Wall Street was descended upon by a wide variety of Communist Party, socialist anarchists, tea partiers, market anarchists, and more to occupy Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Square, in an anti-corporate action inspired by Egypt’s Tahrir Square. This is a firsthand account from Mimi Bobekunin, a friend in the midst of it all. At the […]

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Lemonade Liberation Day

On August 20 2011, Liberty activists from several regions will meet on the West lawn of the nation’s capitol in Washington DC from 12pm to 3pm to sell lemonade. The simple childhood act of setting up a lemonade stand is no longer safe from the reaches of our overbearing monolithic government. The state does not […]

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Ecomomic Suicide: Why Easy Money Ends Up Being Worthless Money

Whoever would have thought in the 1980’s that a free market capitalist and a KGB agent would have arrived at the same conclusion being from opposite views and backgrounds? When I was pinging emails back and forth with Igor Panarin, I was attempting to find out more details on how he predicted the collapse of […]

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UK’s new ‘supercop’ creates more fear than protection

Just a week ago Bill Bratton was blocked from becoming UK’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner by Home Secretary Theresa May.  David Cameron was also condemned by The Association of Chief Police Officers for even considering a foreign person to head the British forces.  But after the increased incidences of growing riots throughout England, on August 13th […]

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