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Anarchy Is Peace

The Real Truth about Molyneux’s Alleged Truth of the Israeli-Arab/Muslim Conflict

The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on Molyneux’s video is a very superficial, one-sided, flat-out erroneous portrayal of the history and situation. First, there is nothing statist about a group of people wanting to live in a […]

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A New Framework - The Not For Profit Government

From Tyranny to Liberty – How Turning Government Into a “Not-For-Profit” Is a Practical Step Toward Voluntary Living

From Tyranny to Liberty – How Turning Government Into a “Not-For-Profit” Is a Practical Step Toward Voluntary Living   The forefathers of modern libertarian thought, from Lysander Spooner to Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard, have set forth excellent principles on which to found an individualist code of ethics. Liberty and libertarianism have  begun to take roots in mainstream academia. Scholarship at and provide great resources on philosophy and […]

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When This Tree Falls…

     Just like republicans and democrats, anarchists too have many different kinds of ideologies/expectations. I am not yet read enough in anarchism to say what exactly I am, but I know I do not fit in any other category. If I must wear a label, I choose it to be that of a rational anarchist.    […]

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The Top 10 Fails of OWS

1 – OWS – Capitalism is to blame. Crony capitalism is to blame. For example Bush had Halliburton, Obama had Solyndra. The truth is that minus governments, the bailouts (which a good many of the banks never asked for or wanted) would never have been given. Minus government, we would be able to save for […]

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The Futility of Occupy X

One can hardly go long without hearing about the Occupy X (x being whatever city the protestors are occupying at any given time) protests breaking out nationwide. It is a new phenomena to me as I was not around in the 70’s to witness similar movements in those days. One thing I do know from […]

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Occupy Wall Street: Help From Your Home (ChipIn and More)

Recently, Wall Street was descended upon by a wide variety of Communist Party, socialist anarchists, tea partiers, market anarchists, and more to occupy Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Square, in an anti-corporate action inspired by Egypt’s Tahrir Square. This is a firsthand account from Mimi Bobekunin, a friend in the midst of it all. At the […]

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Thoughts about 9/11

Like most people I vividly remember September 11, 2001.  I was in my car, making another long and boring commute, half listening to the radio when I heard about the jetliner crashing into the World Trade Center (WTC).  By the time I got into the office the other plane had struck the other tower and […]

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