A Critique of Clifton Knox’s Position on So-Called IP

Revised: April 21, 2017 The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux, with some input by Tal Salsa, do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on peacefreedomprosperity.com. Clifton Knox, in “A Treatise on Ownership: defending intellectual property,” has offered up a somewhat confused and limited defense of
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Five Questions by Larken Rose

—- THE FIVE QUESTIONS by Larken Rose —- 1) Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves? 2) Do those who wield political power (presidents, legislators, etc.) have the moral
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Interview with Aaron Hawkins AKA Storm Clouds Gathering SCG

Aaron Hawkins AKA Storm Clouds Gathering SCG. In this video we discuss Aarons life, his activism, world war 3, collapse of the economy, gold & silver, land, “government,” philosophy, anarcho-capitalism, mutualism, agorism, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Galts Gulch, Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante, Police State, France, Spain. Communes and much much more!

#MuslimBan Muslim Ban

Larken Rose wrote: “So a bunch of people who were coming to the U.S., openly and “legally,” are being detained, thanks to Fuhrer Trump’s “Executive Order” which “temporarily” bans Muslims coming in. If anyone pretends to be pro-freedom while cheering for that, you’re just an idiot. 1) It is a violation of religious freedom (a
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Open Letter to Dr. Block and Hoppe on So-Called IP

The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on peacefreedomprosperity.com. Dear Dr. Block, Hoppe, and the anti-IP cult, While continuing my mission to complete the Mises.org free e-library, I ran into the following quote from Dr. Block, “For, surely, knowledge
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The Peace, Freedom, & Prosperity Movement is an educational project bringing freedom to the world. We advocate self-ownership to bring about a peaceful, free, and prosperous world. Fraud, theft, and coercion must be expelled from human relationships, only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

It is every person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and we should welcome the diversity that freedom brings. We are educating minds to build a world where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power. Join us and be free!

On Israel Daniel Rothschild

On Israel

I have not commented on Israel for awhile (perhaps to avoid controversy?, just kidding). What are my thoughts on Israel? Well in short, it’s foreign policy is better than the United States and it’s domestic policy in pretty much every other way is worse. Out of all the violations of rights a state commits the
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War what is it good for?

Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day where we commemorate soldiers who have put their life on the line by buying things at 30% off. In all seriousness, the best way give respect to anyone is to be honest. Not to just say the polite stuff you’re supposed to say, but to have real conversations instead
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Anarchy Utopia

Irony: Minarchists saying that voluntaryism is utopian

The best attempt at “limited government” ever, the U.S. Constitution, ended up creating the most powerful authoritarian empire the world has ever known, with the biggest extortion racket and the biggest war machine in history. Military bases all over the planet, bureaucratic offices all over the country, the tentacles of laws and regulations in every
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CopyLeft Copying IS NOT Theft There IS NO Copyright On This

Copying is Not Theft

Some people including those in the music, film industry and also “government” believe that downloading songs and videos from the internet may be “illegal” and wrong, however realistically it is not “theft.” The music and film industry claim that they are hurt by online piracy; however they are not really hurt in the same way
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