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Here at PFPM we work hard to spread the ideas that free people and make the world a better place. Everyone on our team donates their time and talents generously but there is more that needs to be done.

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$8 – 5 Bumper stickers

We’ll send you 5 of our classy Peace, Freedom & Prosperity bumper stickers for you to tag your car or prized possessions.

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$10 – Power a Post

You will be thanked at the end of a post with the text and link of your choice. Get some publicity from the large amount of traffic that PFPM gets.

  • Have a link to your liberty organization
  • Memorialize or publicly recognize a mentor, family member, ideological influence
  • Want to see a post sponsored by Obama, Bush, or your favorite statist? Unlikely they would, but we can still put their name and a link of your choice.
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(We reserve the right to reject a link/text if it is offensive or for any other reason)

$30 – PFPM T-Shirt

Rock a PFPM t-shirt to publicly show your support for our movement. Great conversation starter. (adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL)

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$50 – Power a Week of Posts

Same benefits as Power a Post but this gets you a whole week of links! We average 2-5 posts a day. By powering a week of  posts you will likely be linked from 14-35 posts!

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$60 – Permanent Linked Logo

Buy a square on our Powered By page. Available in 60px square increments. Buy multiple and we will sprinkle them throughout the page. Or buy in larger increments like 120×120 and have a larger logo. Once bought your linked logo stays there permanently!

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(We reserve the right to reject a link/logo if it is offensive or for any other reason)




(We are not a “non-profit” and therefore cannot offer you a deduction from mafia theft)