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The U.S. government did not only fail to prevent the disaster of September 11.

US Government Failed To Prevent The Disaster of 9/11

“The U.S. government commands a ‘defense’ budget of $400 billion per annum, a sum equal to the combined annual defense budgets of the next 24 biggest government spenders. It employs a worldwide network of spies and informants. However, it was unable to prevent commercial airliners from being hijacked and used as missiles against prominent civilian […]

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Thoughts about 9/11

Like most people I vividly remember September 11, 2001.  I was in my car, making another long and boring commute, half listening to the radio when I heard about the jetliner crashing into the World Trade Center (WTC).  By the time I got into the office the other plane had struck the other tower and […]

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I heart Anarchy

Musical Artists Promote Anarchy

All of my life I have enjoyed anti-establishment music, however I have only recently understood the message that some of my favorite artists were sending. In my younger years I was a staunch Republican, spouting neo-con kool aid and listening to anti-government music. I felt a disconnect between my political views and my lifestyle. I […]

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