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ATTENTION ALL POLICE!!! – Want To Get 4+ Weeks Of Paid Vacation?!?

ATTENTION POLICE!! Would you like a cheat code for extra vacation time?!? HERE’S AN IDEA! http://YouTube.com/VoluntaryVirtues0com http://NonAggression-Apparel.Com http://VoluntaryVirtues.com Please “Like” the facebook page “Statism Is Slavery” http://www.facebook.com/statismmakesyouaslave Advertise your business on Voluntary Virtues Radio For 99 Cents Per Month! CLICK HERE FOR PRICING SHEET

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My Road to Anarchism

   In my earliest memories, as I recall them, I was always an American patriot. I believed that America was the biggest and baddest nation on the planet and that those who dared defy us should reep the consequences of standing against us. I studied obsessively about the military, the government and how our system […]

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