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I heart Anarchy

Musical Artists Promote Anarchy

All of my life I have enjoyed anti-establishment music, however I have only recently understood the message that some of my favorite artists were sending. In my younger years I was a staunch Republican, spouting neo-con kool aid and listening to anti-government music. I felt a disconnect between my political views and my lifestyle. I […]

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Who Has The Authority?

by James Cox First let’s look at the word in the Oxford dictionary. authority • noun (pl. authorities) 1 the POWER or RIGHT TO GIVE ORDERS and ENFORCE OBEDIENCE. 2 a person or organization having OFFICIAL POWER. 3 recognized KNOWLEDGE or EXPERTISE. 4 an AUTHORITATIVE person or book. — ORIGIN Old French autorite, from Latin […]

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How I Became an Anarchist

by Brianna Peil I recently discovered that I am an anarchist. I never thought about it much until sometime in the last several months. I do not really know with precision the moment in time when I felt suspicious of government, but to me it seems that it was always there. After reading George Orwell’s […]

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Let’s Talk Live! Host James Cox, Interviews POKER FACE!

by James Cox Movement Radio Let’s Talk Live! Host James Cox, Interviews POKER FACE! Monday October 26, 2009 at 9PM EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pfpmovementradio I will be discussing the bands politics and their new album Peace or War Poker Face has been dubbed the leading truth/freedom band in the Union. Through the use of various multi-media sources, […]

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

by Jessica Pacholski I was recently told that I’m not a “real” anarchist by several people who call themselves anarcho or libertarian socialists. Most people like to think of themselves as being reasonable and logical, rarely is this the case. A side effect of this is that once they have an idea they are usually […]

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