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Mission to Complete Mises.org Free Elibrary

On January 1st, 2012, I committed to completing the Mises Institute’s free Epub library: https://mises.org/library/books?book_type=537 Books are rated from 0-5 stars. Books Remaining: 0 Books on list but unavailable for download: 6 Against the State- Lew Rockwell (190 pages) Commie Cowboys- Ryan McMaken () Haiku Economist: 101 Poems, Economic principles economically expressed- Jim Cox () […]

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The Inability of Bitcoin to Serve for Rational Economic Calculation

The Inability of Bitcoin to Serve for Rational Economic Calculation

Revised: December 17, 2014 The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux with significant contributions by Tal Salsa do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on peacefreedomprosperity.com. Origin of money as most saleable good and rational unit of account Carl Menger explained that in barter some commodities […]

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Wealth and Income Inequality

In ongoing discussions with anarcho-communists (and their brethren, supporters of “The Venus Project”) and others that would be considered “liberals” or “progressives” the common issue of inequality of income or wealth is often brought up. They will trot out their dog and pony show of showing how bad such is and what problems arise from […]

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G-20 Needs Market Solutions

The following is an op-ed that was published in my local newspaper. You can find the original link here. Column – Clint Townsend: G-20 needs market solutions 07/04/10 MIDLAND, Mich. – President Obama promised world leaders at Toronto’s G-20 summit to increase global demand, largely building on the same promise from former G-20 meetings in […]

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My Debate With A Socialist (Argument #4)

After reading his articles that he suggest I read so that I may better understand his position, I had a few more choice topics worth debating about on hand, the basic topics from his articles that I found worth clarifying was 1) The myth that Capitalists want government intervention in the economy. 2) The Difference […]

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