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What Does NDAA REALLY Say?

  There is much discussion happening on and off the internet concerning the National Defense Authorization Act, everywhere I look people are panicking about this “new” legislation. The National Defense Authorization Act has been in use for nearly fifty years to detail budgets and expenditures for the US Department of Defense. This is not new.    As nearly […]

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The Extension of the Unpatriotic Act

Since 2001, the Patriot Act has accompanied the war on terrorism by infiltrating wiretaps across the borders and in our neighborhoods. 10 years later the American government order the operation that murdered the top most wanted terrorist through leaked information in extensive water boarding techniques in Guantanamo and through wiretapping suspected terrorist. Today, Obama and […]

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4th Amendment

Give them HELL Indiana!

As reported in my article The People in Indiana Drank the Kool-aid, Indiana’s Supreme Court recently made two important ruling in regards to police entry into homes but it seems not all of Indiana has been drinking the kool-aid. On May 25, hundreds of concerned citizens attended the “Stand Up for Your Fourth Amendment Rights” […]

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The people in Indiana drank the kool-aid

Recently the Indiana Supreme Court made two major rulings concerning police entry into private citizens’ homes. Both of these rulings have left me thankful that I don’t live in Indiana and asking just what the people who do are thinking. On Tuesday the court ruled that officers do not have to knock to serve a […]

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Honor – The Heart of Freedom

By David P Shirk Honor – honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. Though there are other definitions of the word, I will be using this as the focus. As it is, honor is a quality of character that serves any people who wish to gain and hold their freedoms. To me, honor […]

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Another Dangerous Trend

By David P Shirk Move over 50 cent and Eminem, for a new music/ audio sensation is out that has just replaced you in the ‘let’s scare the parents’ category! What can be worse than songs advocating anything from drug use to violence you say? Check it out man – it’s called ‘digital drugs’! It […]

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