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Open Letter to Donald Trump

The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on peacefreedomprosperity.com. Dear Donald Trump, I am writing in regard to some of the criticisms against you being offered up by the Republican oligarchy. I’d like to begin with the demands to […]

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The Top 10 Fails of OWS

1 – OWS – Capitalism is to blame. Crony capitalism is to blame. For example Bush had Halliburton, Obama had Solyndra. The truth is that minus governments, the bailouts (which a good many of the banks never asked for or wanted) would never have been given. Minus government, we would be able to save for […]

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Wealth and Income Inequality

In ongoing discussions with anarcho-communists (and their brethren, supporters of “The Venus Project”) and others that would be considered “liberals” or “progressives” the common issue of inequality of income or wealth is often brought up. They will trot out their dog and pony show of showing how bad such is and what problems arise from […]

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Is Free Market Capitalism an Oxymoron?

Kevin Carson‘s piece over at C4SS, “Free Market Capitalism is an Oxymoron,” offers a brief history of governments’ intervention in the formation of markets, which has led to the evolution of a modern form of capitalism more synonymous with feudalism than with free markets.  Carson argues that, were markets truly free to develop based on […]

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Who is exploiting whom?

Imagine an artisan widget maker.  The widget maker makes one widget per day and sells it for $10. Now imagine an investor/inventor/developer who creates a machine that makes widgets.  He spends his time and money to build this machine and wishes to have an expert run the machine to monitor quality control and ensure the […]

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When Government Fails

If you’re like me then you know that before long, the government will kill itself off. By breaking its economic means, it will methodically lose the rest and simply become insolvent. I know most people who read this will disagree and that’s okay. Yet what if you’re wrong? What if the government were to go […]

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