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When Government Fails

If you’re like me then you know that before long, the government will kill itself off. By breaking its economic means, it will methodically lose the rest and simply become insolvent. I know most people who read this will disagree and that’s okay. Yet what if you’re wrong? What if the government were to go […]

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Who Has The Authority?

by James Cox First let’s look at the word in the Oxford dictionary. authority • noun (pl. authorities) 1 the POWER or RIGHT TO GIVE ORDERS and ENFORCE OBEDIENCE. 2 a person or organization having OFFICIAL POWER. 3 recognized KNOWLEDGE or EXPERTISE. 4 an AUTHORITATIVE person or book. — ORIGIN Old French autorite, from Latin […]

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Misconception and Freedoms Answer

Misconception and Freedoms Answer

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=1140 By David P Shirk Amongst the mountain of movements I would like to see go away, conservatism is one of them. To say that our country was founded on conservative values is nothing short of a pipe dream. A third of the colonists liked things the way they were, another third could not care […]

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Stark Contrast – A look At How We Haven’t Changed

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=1140 By David P Shirk Many people like to quote the founders and other influential people of our nation’s beginnings, yet many seem to miss the point. For example, Thomas Paine wrote several pieces, but started with a work we are all familiar with called Common Sense. Though he had no formal education, and was […]

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Hamilton’s Legacy

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=1140 By David P Shirk Of all the founding fathers, Hamilton is the one I have least respect for. Taking all of the worst policies of all the other founders, and then compounding them in an effort to re-establish some type of Monarchy in the newly established states, he worked endless hours trying to accomplish […]

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The Family.

by Mike Grauer I just heard an amazing interview with the Researcher Jeff Sharlet on Coast to Coast AM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmLCTEI6qb0 <— Interview. The just of the interview that you can hear above is. World domination it not just on the left side of politics. Both sides have been corrupted. World domination. His book ,: The Family: The […]

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Mad As Hell by Aaron Russo – WAKE UP AMERICA!

Posted  by James Cox In this video Russo talks about the corruption of politics and how America is a Republic not a Democracy. He talks about how the rights of the individual are violated and  the abuse of governmental power.  Russo talks about how America was set up by the founding fathers with The Constitution […]

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