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FDA Drugs

Ethical Action

When the companies are being regulated, you have nothing else to purchase other than the  company that has the monopoly. If the companies are a part of the gov and mainly get money by taxpayers, then you are being forced to pay up, otherwise you will will fined, jailed, and perhaps do community service. If […]

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Bike, Hike & Climb - It

The Old School Republic

Donate By David P Shirk There is nothing more that I would like to write about then the founders of America. Yet what I would have to cover would not be understood because modern day visions and ideas of them and their times have been lost to most. Not to mention that I could not […]

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Mad As Hell by Aaron Russo – WAKE UP AMERICA!

Posted  by James Cox In this video Russo talks about the corruption of politics and how America is a Republic not a Democracy. He talks about how the rights of the individual are violated and  the abuse of governmental power.  Russo talks about how America was set up by the founding fathers with The Constitution […]

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The New World Order Conspiracy Is A Fact…

by Jim Andersen  At the time of me writing this there are a Series of Un-Constitutional Laws attempting to be passed through our oppressive government. The first is, H.R.1388 and H.R.1444, these laws contain within them the idea of “Mandatory Volunteerism” this idea is uniquely Un-American as it coerces the youth (from middle school up […]

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A protester at the Chicago Tea Party on February 27 references Ayn Rand

Battling Obama by ‘Going Galt’

Conservatives Look to ‘Atlas Shrugged’ for Answers to Keynesian Policies Re-Post – Original by  David Weigel 3/6/09 1:15 PM The Washington Independent Do you ever wonder,” wrote Dr. Helen Smith, “after dealing with all that is going on with the economy and the upcoming election, if it’s getting to be time to ‘go John Galt?’” […]

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