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Out of Many, One!

Poem on The Creation of The True Individual:
It all starts out as fire, burning away at my world.
The Monuments Fall and Tributes End, Only Chaos Ensues.
My Heart Aches and My Mind is Splintered
I hear the voices in my mind saying “this must be right and that must be wrong.”
The feelings in my heart kill me and I am sickened, all comfort ends.
My Old World Is Gone burned away by fire, the rest charred and useless.
I must make do with what remains, death has come and done its worst, all is quiet and bleak.
I begin to pick up the pieces of the old world, in my journey I find things that the old world never knew.
This novelty is powerful but the old is what I had grown used to.
Curiosity takes the best of me and I begin to forge a new world.
My Curiosity has shown me something that the old world kept me in fear of.
At the entrance to my new world says “E Pluribus, Unum ”. I have grown powerful; look survivors have come to marvel at my new world, they begin to worship me.
The old world was about worshipping, so disgusted I was by their actions, I told them to stop and I showed them how to build a new world.
My Work and Determination saw me through, I have built a new world one better than the old one.
I have built much but my world is vulnerable, in time this world will remain charred and useless by the very same fires.
The old world I was a part of made me worship things outside of me, it did not ask, it forced me by fear.
I know now, that I am timeless and homeless, worlds may end but I am still here.
In times of Difficulty, I draw my strength.
In times of Uncertainty, I draw certainty.
In times of Quiet, I find myself.
In times of Melancholy, I become motivated.
In Times of Fear, I embrace Chaos.
Only one question remains, where does one build their new world?
Yet, I know that I must build by the grounds of the underground river.

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