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A Note From the Editor

    People have recently expressed concerns regarding the Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Movement because there are occasionally slightly contradictory views expressed among our staff. We do not make any attempt to edit individual thought, the writers here express themselves honestly without fear of an editor sneaking in to change their statements. In a community that fosters […]

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National Chalk the Police Day

If you’ve ever been irritated with the police, the laws, the enforcement of laws, etc. and just wished you could rent a billboard or write your message on a wall somewhere, here is your chance. October 1, 2011 is National Chalk the Police Day, see copblock.org for further information. Chalk the Police events are springing […]

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The Extension of the Unpatriotic Act

Since 2001, the Patriot Act has accompanied the war on terrorism by infiltrating wiretaps across the borders and in our neighborhoods. 10 years later the American government order the operation that murdered the top most wanted terrorist through leaked information in extensive water boarding techniques in Guantanamo and through wiretapping suspected terrorist. Today, Obama and […]

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