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A Critique of Clifton Knox’s Position on So-Called IP

Revised: April 21, 2017 The views and opinions in this article written by Chris LeRoux, with some input by Tal Salsa, do not represent the views and opinions of other people that write on peacefreedomprosperity.com. Clifton Knox, in “A Treatise on Ownership: defending intellectual property,” has offered up a somewhat confused and limited defense of […]

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The U.S. government did not only fail to prevent the disaster of September 11.

US Government Failed To Prevent The Disaster of 9/11

“The U.S. government commands a ‘defense’ budget of $400 billion per annum, a sum equal to the combined annual defense budgets of the next 24 biggest government spenders. It employs a worldwide network of spies and informants. However, it was unable to prevent commercial airliners from being hijacked and used as missiles against prominent civilian […]

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