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Why Iran Is NOT a Threat

   This article is a response to one that someone forwarded me on US planes bombing Iran, and how Iran will raise gas prices. If you’re really for truth don’t fall for the government’s nonsense, people make things up as they go to fit their own agenda.    Yes, the article was dead on about […]

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Hamilton’s Legacy

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=1140 By David P Shirk Of all the founding fathers, Hamilton is the one I have least respect for. Taking all of the worst policies of all the other founders, and then compounding them in an effort to re-establish some type of Monarchy in the newly established states, he worked endless hours trying to accomplish […]

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Why Washington Would Be Ashamed

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=114 By David P Shirk This is the reason I have chosen to go back to our nation’s beginnings. Whether we like them or not, it is where we came from. People often mistake a Libertarian for a ‘right-winger’ or a ‘neo-con’. Ironically enough –they are just good ol fashioned republicans. The principles that I […]

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