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New American Flag Cow Watching A Train Pass

Paris Attacks

What happened in Paris is sad and upsetting, but if you call American troops heroes for causing way more bloodshed and carnage than the attacks that happened in Paris you are a hypocrite. The masses do not care about the innocent lives that were taken in Paris. They do not care because they do not […]

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On Israel Daniel Rothschild

On Israel

I have not commented on Israel for awhile (perhaps to avoid controversy?, just kidding). What are my thoughts on Israel? Well in short, it’s foreign policy is better than the United States and it’s domestic policy in pretty much every other way is worse. Out of all the violations of rights a state commits the […]

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What Does NDAA REALLY Say?

  There is much discussion happening on and off the internet concerning the National Defense Authorization Act, everywhere I look people are panicking about this “new” legislation. The National Defense Authorization Act has been in use for nearly fifty years to detail budgets and expenditures for the US Department of Defense. This is not new.    As nearly […]

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Bike, Hike & Climb - It

Why Washington Would Be Ashamed

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=114 By David P Shirk This is the reason I have chosen to go back to our nation’s beginnings. Whether we like them or not, it is where we came from. People often mistake a Libertarian for a ‘right-winger’ or a ‘neo-con’. Ironically enough –they are just good ol fashioned republicans. The principles that I […]

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