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National Defense: Under the Surface.

By David P Shirk The term ‘National Defense’ is one that is highly misunderstood, and makes the perfect smoke screen for political debates. When the term is used, it is usually in reference to military action or the call for more security measures. Many people believe it to be more of a Republican agenda, and […]

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Hamilton’s Legacy

http://peacefreedomprosperity.com/?page_id=1140 By David P Shirk Of all the founding fathers, Hamilton is the one I have least respect for. Taking all of the worst policies of all the other founders, and then compounding them in an effort to re-establish some type of Monarchy in the newly established states, he worked endless hours trying to accomplish […]

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The Family.

by Mike Grauer I just heard an amazing interview with the Researcher Jeff Sharlet on Coast to Coast AM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmLCTEI6qb0 <— Interview. The just of the interview that you can hear above is. World domination it not just on the left side of politics. Both sides have been corrupted. World domination. His book ,: The Family: The […]

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Teens…and Taxes?

by Todd Andrew Barnett The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has issued a new video focusing on teens who, if they work at a summer job or on the weekends, must “learn what taxes are all about” and “need a few basics” about them before they spend that first paycheck at the mall. According to the […]

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