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Voting: I minded my own fucking business

A few questions for those who vote.

A few questions for statists: 1) Do you want to be forced to purchase whatever food some central committee thinks you should eat, and forced to pay whatever price they demand? Or would you rather be allowed to decide how to spend your own money? 2) Do you want to be forced to purchase whatever […]

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No war on humanity picture


I feel that I have an obligation to speak out. First as a human being and that I love my fellow man and secondly because I feel that I have a responsibility to every last unfortunate soul of these murderous wars, the aggression and occupations around the world. All of this mass murder is being […]

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If you were king

Imagine if you were king! Wouldn’t it be nice? You could do what you want, tell people what to do, practically go anywhere in the world and have anything you want? But wait! How do Kings and Government get to do all this? Most people, looking at our troubled world with it’s long history of […]

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Open Letter To Barack Obama

What Constitution?

by Jessica Pacholski There is an open letter from the We The People Foundation to Mr. Barack Obama that will appear in the Chicago Tribune on December first. In bold type it asks ” ARE YOU A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES?” and “ARE YOU LEGALLY ELIGIBLE TO HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT?”, […]

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