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New American Flag Cow Watching A Train Pass

Paris Attacks

What happened in Paris is sad and upsetting, but if you call American troops heroes for causing way more bloodshed and carnage than the attacks that happened in Paris you are a hypocrite. The masses do not care about the innocent lives that were taken in Paris. They do not care because they do not […]

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Ed and Elaine Brown kidnapped and caged by the government.

Meet the Browns

Last week, Irwin Schiff died at the age of 87 for not paying his taxes (or in words free of euphemisms, “he was put in a cage by thugs with legal immunity for not giving them his money). While Irwin Schiff was one of the victims of the state for not giving them a portion […]

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Teach Your Children Self Ownership and To Reject Authority

The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose From The Book: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose. If you love death and destruction, oppression and suffering, injustice and violence, repression and torture, helplessness and despair, perpetual conflict and bloodshed, then teach your children to respect “authority:’ and teach them that obedience is a virtue. If, […]

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